Vickerman Company


List of Current Open Box Items


Open Box Items are items that were returned for a variety of reasons (i.e. product was bigger or smaller than customer expected, etc.)  All open box items carry our full warranty.  Open box items are sold as available and can be ordered through our customer service department at 800-847-8606.

ItemDescriptionQuantityDiscount %ImageDetails
A8018954' x 40" Mixed Country Wall Tree 150CL150%ImageDetails
A1036767.5' x 23" Durham Pole Dura-Lit 250CL150%ImageDetails
A1233819' X 73" Majestic Fras Dura-Lit 1350CL150%ImageDetails
B1031666.5' x 27" Chartreuse Pencil 300GR 587T150%ImageDetails
A146852LED5' x 31" Flocked Kodiak 285Mu+35G40 LED150%ImageDetails
K1257464.5' x 34" Tinsel Green Fir 250Gn 525T150%ImageDetails
B1034565.5' x 22" Champagne Pencil 250CL 449T150%ImageDetails
A1040515' x 25" Sparkle White Pencil Dura 150CL450%ImageDetails
A103067LED6.5' x 32" Salem Pencil Pine 200LED Mult150%ImageDetails
A8810829' x 48" Tiffany Spruce Slim 750MU 2101T550%ImageDetails
B1076464' x 28" Vienna Twig Tree 100CL 231T150%ImageDetails
A8063464.5' x 44" Flocked Alaskan Dura-Lit 300C150%ImageDetails
A113367LED6.5' x 42" Carver Slim Frasier 450Multi150%ImageDetails
A8683767.5' x 54" Red Tinsel Slim 1456T 700Red350%ImageDetails
A1036656.5' x 20" Durham Pole Pine Tree 390T150%ImageDetails
A1114464.5' x 40" Frosted Sartell Dura-Lit250CL150%ImageDetails
A138257LED5.5' x 40" Kennedy Fir 350 MU LED150%ImageDetails
A103086LED9.5' x 44" Salem Pencil Pine 450LED WmWh150%ImageDetails
A8019313' x 24" Mixed Country Alpine 70CL 145T350%ImageDetails
A80634136" x 24" Flocked Alaskan Dura-Lit 100CL150%ImageDetails
A104157LED5.5' x 40" Sparkle White Spr 300LED Mult150%ImageDetails
K1263565.5' x 42" Champagne Fir 400CL 794T250%ImageDetails
K1263464.5' x 34" Champagne Fir 250CL 525T250%ImageDetails
A8685767.5' x 54" Gold Tinsel Slim 700Gold150%ImageDetails
A118536LED3.5' x 28" Cashmere Tree 50WmWt BO Timer150%ImageDetails
K1263666.5" x 46" Champagne Fir 600CL 1216T250%ImageDetails
A8687767.5' x 54" Silver Tins Slim 1456T 700CL150%ImageDetails
A8609474.5' x 37" Camdon Fir Dura-Lit 300MU250%ImageDetails
K1237565.5' x 42" Pink Fir 400Pink 794T150%ImageDetails
A8689676' x 36" Slvr Tinsel Palm 84T 100CL/Pur150%ImageDetails
A145347LED4.5' X 30" Virginia ColorChanging 192Led150%ImageDetails
K1263757.5' x 52" Champagne Fir 1634T150%ImageDetails
A8950676.5' x 39" Flk Slim Utica Dura-Lit 300MU150%ImageDetails
B8890717' Chartreuse Palm Tree 150 Clear 57T150%ImageDetails
A8689767' x 46" Tinsel Palm 192T 350Blue/100Pk350%ImageDetails
B1040919' x 58" AntGold Tree 700Clear 2581T150%ImageDetails
A8039416' x 33" Minnesota Half Tree DuraLt 200C150%ImageDetails
k1237464.5' x 34" Pink Fir 250Pink 525T150%ImageDetails
C1235505' x 29" Black Fiber Optic Tree 225T150%ImageDetails
B1024515' x 24" Champagne Whims 100CL 193T150%ImageDetails
N1250767.5' x 46" Gold Glitter Cashmere 500CL150%ImageDetails
A103256LED5.5' x 28" White Salem Pencil 150LED WmW150%ImageDetails
A1041666.5' x 46" Sparkle White Spr Dura 600CL350%ImageDetails
B1062626' x 36" SnowTip Berry Tree 250MU350%ImageDetails
B10263130" x 17" Purple Whimsical 35PU 90T150%ImageDetails
B1034819' x 44" Champagne Pencil 550CL 1401T150%ImageDetails
B1034666.5' x 27" Champagne Pencil 300CL 587T250%ImageDetails
B1023515' x 24" Red Whimsical 100RD 193T250%ImageDetails
D1266555.5' x 41" Frosted Cashmere Pine 796T150%ImageDetails
C1235404' x 25" Black Fiber Optic Tree 150T150%ImageDetails
B11493736" Siegal Berry Pine Tree 70CL250%ImageDetails
A1074565.5' x 38" Green UpsideDown Dura 250CL150%ImageDetails
B1029414' x 22" Mocha Whimsical 70CL 170T150%ImageDetails
A8063686.5' x 62" Flkd Alaskan DuraLt 600Mu/G50350%ImageDetails
A136366LED6.5' x 53" Timbercrest Spruce 400WmWht450%ImageDetails
S130266LED6.5' x 48" Oregon Fir Instant 500LED WmW350%ImageDetails
B11494342" Siegal Berry Pine Tree 100CL350%ImageDetails
A1030464.5' x 24" Salem Pencil Pine DuraLt 150C150%ImageDetails
B1381767.5' x 33" Black Pencil G12 250LED Org150%ImageDetails
A8063787.5' x 68" Flkd Alaskan DuraLt 800MU/G50350%ImageDetails
A114577LED7.5' x 56" Blue Albany Spruce 450Multi150%ImageDetails
A1030474.5' x 24" Salem Pencil Pine DuraLt 150M250%ImageDetails
B1020515' x 24" White Whimsical 100CL 193T150%ImageDetails
A8051313' x 22.5" Natural Alpine Tree 191T 70CL350%ImageDetails
B11492524" Siegal Berry Pine Tree 35CL150%ImageDetails
A1041464.5' x 36" Sparkle White Spr Dura 250CL350%ImageDetails
A8063484.5' x 44" Flkd Alaskan Dura 200MU/G50550%ImageDetails
B1154313' Dakota Alpine Tree 50CL150%ImageDetails
B10203130" x 17" White Whimsical 35CL 90T150%ImageDetails
G1124767.5' X 65" Blue Noble Fir Dura-Lit 800Cl150%ImageDetails
A101566LED6.5' x 35" Pink Flk Spruce 300LED WmWht250%ImageDetails
A8063696.5' x 62" Flkd Alaskan DuraLt 600CL/G50150%ImageDetails
D1266767.5' x 59" Frosted Cashmere Dura-L 700CL150%ImageDetails
A8063686.5' x 62" Flkd Alaskan DuraLt 600Mu/G50450%ImageDetails
K1257666.5' x 46" Tinsel Green Fir 600Gn 1216T150%ImageDetails
A80886060" Douglas Wreath Dura-Lit 200CL 900T 150%ImageDetails
G112466LED6.5' X 57" Blue Noble Fir LED 450WmWht250%ImageDetails
B8810717' x 48" Chartreuse 500Green Lts 1257T150%ImageDetails
K1219464.5' x 24" Black Slim Fir 200ORG 400T150%ImageDetails
K1219565.5' x 30" Black Slim Fir 300ORG 722T150%ImageDetails
A8063787.5' x 68" Flkd Alaskan DuraLt 800MU/G50150%ImageDetails
A881177LED7.5' x 57" Tiffany Spruc 500MU LED 1631T150%ImageDetails
A8992474.5' x 40 Glacier Mixed Dura-Lit 200MU250%ImageDetails
A103056LED5.5' x 28" Salem Pencil Pine 150LED WmWh150%ImageDetails
A8609565.5' x 43" Camdon Fir Dura-Lit 450CL150%ImageDetails
A8935656.5' X 39" Flkd White Slim 744 Tips150%ImageDetails
E8757515' Redwood Alpine Tree 150 Clear UL 558T350%ImageDetails
A881077LED7.5' x 45" Tiffany Slim 300MU LED 1447T150%ImageDetails
E8753777.5' x 60" Redwood 600MU DuraLit 1910T150%ImageDetails
A1174266' x 61" Amer Upside Down Half DuraL350C250%ImageDetails
A11422348" Albany Spruce Teardrop 180 Tips150%ImageDetails
A110382LED8.5' x 70" Itasca Frasier 1000Multi150%ImageDetails
B1344767.5' x 23" Salinas Pencil 300CL 970T150%ImageDetails
A893814LED9' x 14" Flkd White Garl 50LED WmWht150%ImageDetails
A104156LED5.5' x 40" Sparkle White Spr 300LED Wht350%ImageDetails
A8062515' x 31" Flocked Spruce DuraL 250CL 478T750%ImageDetails
A104146LED4.5' x 36" Sparkle White Spr 200LED Wht250%ImageDetails
A8771423.5' x 21" Prelit Imperial Tree 150MU550%ImageDetails
A1114353.5' x 35" Frosted Sartell 268 Tips150%ImageDetails
A1040515' x 25" Sparkle White Pencil Dura 150CL450%ImageDetails
A101581LED9' x 45" Pink Flk Spruce 600LED WmWht150%ImageDetails
C1204303' x 20" Green Fiber Optic Tree 107T350%ImageDetails
C1203303' x 20" Red Fiber Optic Tree 107T150%ImageDetails
N1250819' x 55" Gold Glitter Cashmere 700CL450%ImageDetails
A104146LED4.5' x 36" Sparkle White Spr 200LED Wht350%ImageDetails
A8074212' x 14" Flocked Alpine DuraLt 50CL 72T250%ImageDetails
A100537LED3.5' x 32" Flk Olympia Fir 150LED Multi150%ImageDetails
A8704169'x 14" Frost Edina Fir Garl 300T 100MU3250%ImageDetails
D11459212' x 72" Waseca Frasier Dura-Lit 1500MU150%ImageDetails
A8771413.5' x 21" Prelit Imperial Tree 150CL450%ImageDetails
A111477LED7.5' x 57" Frosted Sartell 550Multi150%ImageDetails
A8039457' x 41" Minnesota Pine Half Tree 648Tip250%ImageDetails
A8055474.5' x 38" Crystal White 438T 250MU 250%ImageDetails
A118247LED4.5' x 37" Cashmere Pine LED250Multi150%ImageDetails
E8753474.5' x 41" Redwood 250MU DuraLit 778T350%ImageDetails
G112356LED5.5' X 45" Med Blue Noble LED 250WmWht350%ImageDetails
A8771474.5' x 36" Prelit Imperial, 354T, 200MU250%ImageDetails
C1021828.5' x 58" Vermont Instant Dura 850MU250%ImageDetails
A861119LED9' x 16" Camdon Garland 150LED Multi150%ImageDetails
K86239614' x 88" Red Ashley Slim 1850 Red 4890T150%ImageDetails
K8860829' x 60" Ashley 850MU C6 LED 2792T150%ImageDetails
K8860777.5' x 52" Ashley 400MU C6 LED 1500T450%ImageDetails
E8753676.5' x 53" Redwood 350MU DuraLit 1364T450%ImageDetails
E8936666.5' x 42" Midnight Grn 250Dura Red 504T350%ImageDetails
A1246777.5' X 65" Berkley Fras Dura-Lit 700MU150%ImageDetails
A8658676.5' x 57" Blue Frasier 1825T 600MU 250%ImageDetails
E8753474.5' x 41" Redwood 250MU DuraLit 778T350%ImageDetails
G1102515' X 69" Kenton Upsidedown Dura-Lit300CL150%ImageDetails
D1145879.5' x 64" Waseca Frasier Duralit 1200MU250%ImageDetails
A1182373.5' x 28" Cashmere Pine Dura-Lit 100MU250%ImageDetails
A8055777.5' x 62" Crystal White 1614T 1000MU 250%ImageDetails
A103057LED5.5' x 28" Salem Pencil Pine 150LED Mult150%ImageDetails
B106272S7' x 42" SnowTip Berry Tree 350MU Tree B250%ImageDetails
B106262S6' x 36" SnowTip Berry Tree 250MU Tree B250%ImageDetails
A1145565.5'x42" Blue Albany Spruce DuraLit300CL150%ImageDetails
A8062717' x 47" Flocked Spruce DuraL 400CL 886T350%ImageDetails
A899267LED6.5' x 52" Glacier Mixed 400Led Multi350%ImageDetails
A893647LED4.5' x 46 Flocked White 250LED Multi150%ImageDetails
C1022423.5' x 35" Vermont Instant Dura 100MU150%ImageDetails
A1145575.5' x 42" Blue Albany Spruce Dura 300MU150%ImageDetails
A8688464.5' x 34" Cranberry Tinsel Slim 200CR150%ImageDetails
A1174266' x 61" Amer Upside Down Half DuraL350C450%ImageDetails
A8935767.5' x 43" Flkd White Slim Dura-L 400CL150%ImageDetails
A89368610' x 72" Flocked White Dura-Lit 1500CL150%ImageDetails
A8601819 'x 102" Upside Down Tree 2420T 800CL 150%ImageDetails
A1041464.5' x 36" Sparkle White Spr Dura 250CL350%ImageDetails
A1145373.5 x30" Blue Albany Spruce DuraLit150MU150%ImageDetails
A114537LED3.5' x 30" Blue Albany Spruce 150Multi150%ImageDetails
A8063839' x 73" Flkd Alaskan Dura-Lit 900MU/G50350%ImageDetails
A103266LED6.5' x 32" White Salem Pencil 200LED WmW250%ImageDetails
C117547LED4.5' x 38" Knox Pine 250Multi250%ImageDetails
C1162474.5' x 28" Tustin Slim Fraiser dura 200M250%ImageDetails
A1030474.5' x 24" Salem Pencil Pine DuraLt 150M350%ImageDetails
A8063454.5' x 44" Flkd Alaskan Pine 349 Tips150%ImageDetails
G1155474.5' X 40" Flocked Aspen Dura-Lit 150Mu150%ImageDetails
C1174474.5' x 30" Knox Slim Pine Dura-Lit 200MU250%ImageDetails
E10219210' x 51" Jersey Pencil Dura-Lit 750MU150%ImageDetails
D1145767.5' x 46" Waseca Frasier Dura-Lit 800CL150%ImageDetails
C1175474.5' x 38" Knox Pine Dura-Lit 250MU250%ImageDetails
C1174575.5' x 34" Knox Slim Pine dura-lit 300MU150%ImageDetails
A8062717' x 47" Flocked Spruce DuraL 400CL 886T250%ImageDetails
A8039666.5'x 52" Westbrook Half Dura-Lit 400CL350%ImageDetails
G1123666.5' X 51" Med Blue Noble Fir Dura 400Cl150%ImageDetails
C116257LED5.5' x 32" Tustin Slim Fraiser 300Multi450%ImageDetails
A86107372" Camdon Fir Wreath Dura-Lit 400CL 250%ImageDetails
C116347LED4.5' x 36" Tustin Fraiser 250Multi150%ImageDetails
C1162575.5' x 32" Tustin Slim Fraiser dura 300M250%ImageDetails
A1041565.5' x 40" Sparkle White Spr Dura 450CL250%ImageDetails
C1174464.5' x 30" Knox Slim Pine Dura-Lit 200CL150%ImageDetails
A1145363.5'x30" Blue Albany Spruce DuraLit150CL150%ImageDetails
A122131LED3' X 18" Solar B/O Timer LED30WmWht 93T150%ImageDetails
C116256LED5.5' x 32" Tustin Slim Fraiser 300WmWht150%ImageDetails
K1213565.5' x 42" Red Fir 400Red 794T150%ImageDetails
A1244575.5' X 41" King Spruce Dura-Lit 250MU150%ImageDetails
A118237LED3.5' x 28" Cashmere Pine LED100Multi150%ImageDetails
K1217313' x 25" Black Fir 100CL 234T150%ImageDetails
G110251LED5' X 69" Kenton Upsidedown LED 300WmWht250%ImageDetails
A102797LED15' x 98" Catalina Frasier 2750LED Multi150%ImageDetails
S1302777.5' x 56" Oregon Instant 600MU Dura-Lit150%ImageDetails
A1174366' x 61" American Upside Down Dura 600CL150%ImageDetails
A8935757.5' X 43" Flkd White Slim 1019 Tips150%ImageDetails
B1013616' x 26" Red Laser Tree 150Cl 1262T250%ImageDetails
A861892LED12' x 75" Flkd Sierra 3184T 1850MU LED150%ImageDetails
k12268610' x 68" Lime Fir 1150Lime 2980T150%ImageDetails
A1114676.5' x 50" Frosted Sartell Dura-Lit450MU150%ImageDetails
A1040616' x 29" Sparkle White Pencil Dura 250CL150%ImageDetails
B1027515' x 24" Silver Whimsical 100CL 193T150%ImageDetails
A1040505' x 25" Sparkle White Spr Pencil 266Tip150%ImageDetails
A1213767.5' X 40" Lime Cashmere Dura-Lit 400150%ImageDetails
B1026414' x 22" Purple Whimsical 70PU 170T150%ImageDetails
C1162565.5' x 32" Tustin Slim Fraiser Dura 300C150%ImageDetails
C1162575.5' x 32" Tustin Slim Fraiser dura 300M350%ImageDetails
B8820717' x 48" Purple Tree 500Purple Lts 1257T150%ImageDetails
A114557LED5.5' x 42" Blue Albany Spruce 300Multi150%ImageDetails
A8063797.5' x 68" Flkd Alaskan DuraLt 800CL/G50150%ImageDetails
B1062626' x 36" SnowTip Berry Tree 250MU450%ImageDetails
K1201464.5' X 24" White Slim Fir 200CL 400T150%ImageDetails
B10273130" x 17" Silver Whimsical 35CL 90T250%ImageDetails
B1028414' x 22" Ant Gold Whimsical 70CL 170T450%ImageDetails
B8860313' x 29" Chartreuse Tree 70Green 232T150%ImageDetails
A114556LED5.5' x 42" Blue Albany Spruce 300WmWht150%ImageDetails
D1266656.5' x 48" Frosted Cashmere Pine 1180T150%ImageDetails
G1124666.5' X 57" Blue Noble Fir Dura-Lit 450Cl250%ImageDetails
A1145474.5' x 36" Blue Albany Spruce Dura 200MU250%ImageDetails
A104146LED4.5' x 36" Sparkle White Spr 200LED Wht150%ImageDetails
A8936666.5' x 56" Flocked White Dura-Lit 650CL 150%ImageDetails
S130281LED9' x 66" Oregon Fir Instant 900LED WmWht150%ImageDetails
A8063484.5' x 44" Flkd Alaskan Dura 200MU/G50150%ImageDetails
A1145666.5'x48" Blue Albany Spruce DuraLit400CL150%ImageDetails
B8824818' x 53" Champagne Tree 600CL Lts 1673T150%ImageDetails
A101047LED4.5' x 34" Frosted Frasier 250LED Multi250%ImageDetails
A117436LED6' x 61" American Upside Down 600WmWht150%ImageDetails
C1323767.5' x 61" Nikko Instant 750CL Dura-Lit250%ImageDetails
B88536160" Silver Wide Cut Wreath 200CL 840T150%ImageDetails
C1020777.5' x 44" Vermont Instant Dura 550MU150%ImageDetails
C1020808.5' x 48" Vermont Instant Shape 1483T150%ImageDetails
A104167LED6.5' x 46" Sparkle White Spr 400LED Mult250%ImageDetails
B1034767.5' x 34" Champagne Pencil 400CL 803T150%ImageDetails
C10219212' x 73" Vermont Instant Dura1900MU150%ImageDetails
K1212464.5' x 24" Red Slim Fir 200Red 400T250%ImageDetails
J1267404' x 26" Poinsettia Berry Tree 220T150%ImageDetails
B10243130" x 17" Champagne Whimsical 35CL 90T350%ImageDetails
G1130777.5' X 61" Norwood Fir Dura-Lit 700Mu150%ImageDetails
C1323819' x 70" Nikko Instant 1300CL Dura-Lit150%ImageDetails
J1233414' x 28" Flocked Pine Berry Tree 100CL150%ImageDetails
J1243606' x 44" Mixed Fir Tree 1232Tips150%ImageDetails
A8770777.5' x 46" Imperial Pine Slim 550MU 925T150%ImageDetails
A1232767.5' X 53" Med Majestic Dura-Lit 950CL150%ImageDetails
G1155777.5' X 64" Flocked Aspen Dura-Lit 700Mu150%ImageDetails
K1250819' x 46" Tinsel Red Slim 700Red 1798T150%ImageDetails
A8039467' x 41" Minnesota Half Tree DuraLt 300C150%ImageDetails
K8860676.5' x 48" Ashley 300MU C6 LED 1076T350%ImageDetails
C1162676.5' x 36" Tustin Slim Fraiser dura 400M150%ImageDetails
K1280839' x 48" Flocked Red 650Red 1651T150%ImageDetails
A1366757' x 56" Flat Rock Pine 728T150%ImageDetails
B1062829' x 51" SnowTip Berry Tree 650MU150%ImageDetails
B8816919' x 58" Hot Pink Tree 700Pink Lts 2581T150%ImageDetails
K12689112' x 82" Silver Fir Tree 1650CL 4631T150%ImageDetails
A114536LED3.5' x 30" Blue Albany Spruce 150WmWht450%ImageDetails
A1140828.5'x42" Albany Spruce Slim DuraLit500MU150%ImageDetails
K1257819' x 64" Tinsel Green Fir 1000Gn 2326T150%ImageDetails
S131176LED7.5' x 38" Ridgeline Alpine 400LED WmWht450%ImageDetails
C1021676.5' x 48" Vermont Instant Dura 500MU150%ImageDetails
K1216767.5' x 40" Black Slim Fir 500CL 1238T150%ImageDetails
E10519112' x 72" Scotch Pine Dura-Lit 1350CL150%ImageDetails
A860892LED12' x 66" Camdon Fir 4018T 1800 LED150%ImageDetails
A895182LED9' X 72" Flocked Utica 1000Multi150%ImageDetails
A8770828.5' x 54" Imperial Slim 650MU 1424T150%ImageDetails
A895182LED9' X 72" Flocked Utica 1000Multi150%ImageDetails
G1155454.5' X 40" Flocked Aspen 330Tips150%ImageDetails
A104137LED3.5' x 26" Sparkle White Spr 100LED Mult150%ImageDetails
A8950777.5' x 43" Flk Slim Utica Dura-Lit 400MU250%ImageDetails
A1041464.5' x 36" Sparkle White Spr Dura 250CL150%ImageDetails
B8822919' x 58" Silver Tree 700CL Lts 2581T150%ImageDetails
A8601767.5' x 95" Upside Down 2051T 650CL 150%ImageDetails
G1365515' x 26" Slim Devonshire Mixed 150CL150%ImageDetails
A103047LED4.5' x 24" Salem Pencil Pine 150LED Mult150%ImageDetails