Video Transcription Silk Tree Setup


Hi . Today I am going to show you how to shape your new Vickerman bush

This technique will apply to all trees

If there is three sprays on your tree or bush it is going to be a very simple technique.

If you have five sprays such as I have here, five pieces

At the end of this video I will give you a quick run down

on how you might want to shape your Araila.

So let's get started

Open this box

What i'm going to demonstrate today,

This is a 4 foot Ficus bush

We wanna make this look as beautiful

and life-like as possible

Very simple technique that we use

so these are the sprays

this is the leaves

there is three sprays

what you wanna do,

is the one with the deepest cut

you wanna bring him down,

into a very smooth arc, like so

and you wanna continue that with the higher one

and you're creating a stairstep effect

That will avoid any voids you may have

in your bush

start from the bottom of the bush

work your way up

is the best way

That way you don't get tangled in all of your stems

like so

Show you how to you know,

move your stems around

Very easy to bend

You're trying to get

a very life-like look out of it

and you just wanna kinda push it up

lightly, gently

you don't want a hard bend in it

so you just kinda wanna

push it inward

lightly with your fingers like that

and then just pull this little guy down

so that it fills in the voids

and you will continue this process

around the whole entire bush

and/or tree, whichever one you have

and keep going

as you get to the top of the bush

You're gonna wanna make the stems

a little higher

as if they are reaching towards the sun

and again, you just

bend it lightly, kinda bounce it a little

I found that that works the best

to get that nice full look

no hard bends in it

as you continue this process,

all the way up the bush or tree

I'm gonna move just a hair bit faster here

and as you can see, it is taking on

a really nice shape

So you just bounce it a little bit

Push in as you go

and then pull it down some

you really don't want too many voids in it

you want it nice and full and even flow

and so, as you see the stair-step effect

that's what you really want to have

just cause it looks nice and uniform

as you get to the top, nice even

You're almost done

Okay just a nice even flow

a nice even soft balance

maybe just a little arc, like so

I'm gonna have to do the tops

the tops eh, I call them dog ears

because the kinda perk up a little more

as if they are reaching to the sun

so I kinda give that one a little higher

peak at the top

oop, missed one. There we go

and lets give this one a pop

and these look really beautiful

very nice, they shaped out very beautiful

now, let's stand back and check,

There we go

That is a 4 foot ficus bush

and hopefully the video does help you

as I mentioned earlier in the video

if you have a 5 spray, again, the Araila

you wanna just do similar to the same process

so you would take what I call the babies,

cause they're the little ones

and just wanna kinda bend those a little harder

you want them facing you

I don't have a tree for this one right now

in front of me at this time

but the technique pretty much runs the same

you wanna be able to see those stems

the tops on those leaves, like so

and you can wiggle them around to whatever

you can adjust them to your liking

Very beautiful, I love these

they're so pretty

but it would be similar to this

and then you just adjust them

to how you would want

if you have a 4 foot bush or the 6, or 6.5 tree

So thank you for watching, and hopefully

you will enjoy your trees and bushes

for many years to come