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Picture of Christmas at the Venetian
Christmas at the Venetian
Beach Plum Floral and Events Design installed over 6,000 ornaments and 5,000 feet of garland in an Italian Restaurant in Weymouth, MA.
Picture of Sophisticated Festive Christmas
Sophisticated Festive Christmas
We decided to stick to one color scheme for the whole tree. We used your deep wine balls and red berries to create a sophisticated yet festive tree.
Picture of Holiday elegance at the Eliot Hotel
Holiday elegance at the Eliot Hotel
The design was done in Boston at the Eliot Hotel. Our design was created with many Vickerman products. We are very impressed with the beauty and quality of all of it!!
Picture of Deck the Fairways
Deck the Fairways
Baker Design Group's latest holiday masterpiece, Christmas at the Omni PGA Frisco Resort, is a symphony of design brilliance that captures the essence of Christmas with deep greens, emerald hues, navy blue, natural elements, antler features, and various designs throughout the resort grounds. The concept behind this enchanting design is a seamless fusion of elegance and coziness, creating a festive atmosphere that resonates with the warmth and joy of the holiday season. Deep greens and emerald tones form the foundation, symbolizing the everlasting spirit of evergreen trees and the hope that Christmas brings.
Picture of Platinum Elegance
Platinum Elegance
Decor for formal Dining room.
Picture of Champagne Sparkle
Champagne Sparkle
Decor for formal Living room
Picture of Candyland Christmas
Candyland Christmas
Candy themed decor with flocked pink wreath for the child's bedroom and playroom mantel.
Picture of Silver & Gold
Silver & Gold
We sold our highest-end design and used a majority Vickerman materials to complete. The theme was silver and gold which we certainly delivered on.
Picture of Teal and Red Christmas
Teal and Red Christmas
Last January at market we fell in love with the teal and red products Vickerman had displayed. We did our best to recreate what Vickerman had there with our own unique spin on it. We love how unique everything looks displayed in our store.
Picture of Rich Green Festive Holiday
Rich Green Festive Holiday
Our design in this high end residential condominium boasts a rich green. We needed a wow factor with the 12ft full tree from Vickerman, also the full garland helps us give a show stopper over the fire place. We use several different shades of green ormants to help make this tree and accents really pop. I've used several different orders from Vickerman to achieve this look!
Picture of Luxurious Hanging Wreath
Luxurious Hanging Wreath
I create an unprecedented luxury and glittering Christmas space that symbolizes the Christmas tree.White, silver, champagne gold, and pink gold create a sophisticated world and the fun and joy of everyone gathering.
Picture of Uniquely Christmas
Uniquely Christmas
This 706 Tyler design is simple, elegant, and totally unique! The tree is what I had been describing for years and couldn’t find but kept looking and found this amazing Vickerman tree!
Picture of Champagne St. Nick
Champagne St. Nick
I created an unprecedented luxuriuous and glittering Christmas space that symbolizes the Christmas tree. White, silver, champagne gold, and rose gold create colors create a sophisticated world and emphasize the fun and joy of everyone gathering.
Picture of Christmas with Chanel
Christmas with Chanel
This design features primarily Vickerman ornament, ribbons, and picks adorning a 9' Itasca Fraser. This bespoke design was created to compliment the customer's Chanel style.
Picture of Elevating Deck the Halls
Elevating Deck the Halls
It is my belief that holiday decor should complement and elevate the halls in which they deck; my home was no exception. It is my first Christmas in a new space and I wanted a design that would really bring out the design choices I had already for my interiors and so I took cues from my furniture and accents. My whole design was built around the green chair in the image and my golden bee pillow. Using Vickerman’s moss color ornaments and with the aid of the near perfect match of their antique gold ornaments, I was able to create a design that makes a big impression while never feeling out of place. I wanted to create something elegant and whimsical so I also incorporated ornaments and ribbons of many different patterns in black and white to give my tree a wonderland feel. It was a joy to make and all of these elements came together to help me come up with my favorite tree design yet!
Picture of Golden Tinsel Tree
Golden Tinsel Tree
This room didn't call for the traditional red, green, or gold. Instead,white, black, and copper were used to accent this rooms furnishings and decor.This gold tinsel tree accompanied a larger 8.5 foot prelit Flocked Sierra.
Picture of PINK
This year our gallery went PINK, as a nod to Barbie and our woman owned business. We took the theme to a bigger level by changing all of our house decor to reflect the theme inside! Pink wreaths were the perfect addition to our decor. Our customers have inquired about where we found our pink wreaths and are loving the change of pace this year!
Picture of Contemporary Colors
Contemporary Colors
Obviously this room did not call for traditional red, green, or gold. White, black, and copper were used to accent this rooms furnishings and decor. An eclectic mix of Vickerman materials along with a few of the clients personal ornaments were used on Vickerman's 8.5 foot prelit Flocked Sierra Fir Christmas tree and wreath.
Picture of Champagne and Rose
Champagne and Rose
Champagne and Rose! Rose gold that is! We wanted to create a champagne, copper rose gold dream to add some warmth and femineity to a dark lobby. We selected a flocked Kamas Fraser tree to brighten the room and added a gorgeous layer ornaments, sprays and gifts. This tree was highlighted with some decorative indoor planters and custom wreaths
Picture of Dream Dark
Dream Dark
Cream and Emerald Dream-Dark emerald greens are highlighted on our Flocked Hudson tree. The warm white lights highlight the champagne sprays and perfectly wrapped gifts. We wanted to bring an elegant yet modern edge to our clients newly rennovated lobby
Picture of Headed Home with Mazda
Headed Home with Mazda
The Premier Collections Mazda dealership had a car on display at a local holiday market in White Plains NY. They came to me for a staging idea and this is what we developed! A Mazda, headed home, carrying a Christmas tree thru the woods. All of the Alpine trees were purchased from vickerman, specifically the PVC trunk I could use them outdoors. I then accented them with waterproof outdoor snowbank sculptures! And accented the tree on top with a red bow ?
Picture of Holiday for Commercial Spaces
Holiday for Commercial Spaces
Holiday installations for commercial spaces
Picture of Vibrant Jewel Tones
Vibrant Jewel Tones
A vibrant and luxurious jewel toned Christmas tree design that incorporates rich, deep colors reminiscent of precious gemstones. This design adds a touch of opulence and warmth to the holiday decor. We opted for rich jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red and deep shades of gold. The rich green of the Vickerman tree with twinkle lights provides a dramatic backdrop for the jewel tones to pop. The jewel toned ornaments in various textures, shapes and sizes with both matte and shiny finishes add visual interest. This jewel toned tree is an extension of the decor elements in this home's foyer creating a cohesive and festive atmosphere.
Picture of Elegant and Beautiful
Elegant and Beautiful
We decorated with a number of Vickerman trees this year. The flocked 14' is my personal tree.
Picture of Gold, Silver, & Copper
Gold, Silver, & Copper
This tree was decorated with fillers, ornaments all from Vickerman. I believe there may be one or 2 items not Vickerman, but it couldn’t be much. This is our theme for 2024. We are going to order the pearl colors in various sizes and textures as well.
Picture of Christmas on Tap
Christmas on Tap
Here at Waukesha floral, a number of our corporate installs are created with "non traditional" color palettes. This picture is about as non-traditional as it gets! Installation is inside a very busy bar, where holiday decor is not allowed take up floor space. In my mind, that means let's decorate the walls and the ceiling! The orange, hot pink, emerald green, and purple color palette looks fantastic in the surroundings.All product used (garland, ornaments, G30 lights) is Vickerman product. The only non-Vickerman product pictured is the ribbon. In the center of the room, you will see an upside down "Christmas tree" hanging from the ceiling. This is constructed with your orange garland (K162415). The wreaths hanging horizontally from the ceiling are created with the same orange garland.
Picture of Midnight at the Westin
Midnight at the Westin
This design features a 15' flocked Kamas Fraser with Champagne, Moss and Midnight Blue Ornaments. Located at the Westin Hotel, Raleigh-Durham.
Picture of Snow Queen
Snow Queen
Glistening like fallen snow on a cold blustery day in Chicago, "Snow Queen" features velvet ribbon with tinsel edges, silver glittered netting, snow balls, and icy orbs.  Silver shiny and sparkly orbs reflect the glistening white lights like stars on a frozen pond. Pine cones, finials, and snowflakes complete this elegant winter wonderland.
Picture of Cyprus Cedar Christmas Decor
Cyprus Cedar Christmas Decor
The garlands and greenery from Vickerman Company are unmatched! To create this realistic look we used the Bangor mixed pine garland with green Monterrey Cyprus sprays, and Magnolia sprays. We also wove their green cedar garland throughout for a full, natural look! Greenery this good, makes our job so much easier!
Picture of Warm Tidings
Warm Tidings
These 9 ft and 7.5 ft trees are adorned with deep green, navy and midnight blues, golds, copper and a touch of the light sage green we call it our warm tidings color scheme. They sit beautifully in a commercial office space located in Frisco Texas.
Picture of Confluence Hotel Christmas
Confluence Hotel Christmas
The design was created by Marc Peterson for the interior of the Confluence Hotel, located on the riverfront in Hastings. The Confluence Hotel was once the H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company Factory which was renovated into a beautiful boutique hotel. Marc's vision was inspired by the hotel's history and wanted to highlight the elegance with traditional Holiday Cheer in the main areas and an alluring Winter Wonderland for the Ballroom.
Picture of Mossy Green and Shiny
Mossy Green and Shiny
Multi-finish Vickerman 6" balls in moss green and multi-finish Vickerman 4" balls in copper form the rich palette of this dramatic musical instrument-themed tree. The glitter, matte and shiny finishes play off of each other beautifully, and give an overall effect of decadent elegance.
Picture of What You Water Will Grow
What You Water Will Grow
Step into a whimsical world of boho botanical beauty with our captivating Christmas tree designed by The Blooming Bohemian in Laurel, MDOur tree is adorned with copper vintage watering cans, adding a touch of rustic charm. Nestled among the branches are faux foliage succulents and orchids, creating a lush and natural look. The baubles from Vickermans in various shades of green add a pop of color and a boho flair.The theme of this tree, "What You Water Will Grow," celebrates the power of nurturing and growth. It serves as a reminder that by nourishing our dreams, passions, and relationships, we can watch them flourish into something beautiful. With its enchanting decorations and heartfelt message, this tree is not only visually striking but also carries a deep meaning.This tree has served as a conversation starter for our customers, and a source of joy to greet them at our front door during the holiday season, reminding us all to water our dreams and watch them bloom.
Picture of Emeralds of Christmas
Emeralds of Christmas
This modern design is for a Irish mechanical firm all in greens including an 18 foot Oregon Frame Tree with warm white lights.
Picture of Winter Wonderland Theme
Winter Wonderland Theme
This display was created with high quality products from Vickerman. The final results were amazing. Thank you Vickerman Company for great products as always. Ambius Cleveland - Sales Designer, Tammy McIntosh, Creative Designers, Donna Escano and Lynn Ravida.
Picture of Joyful Celebration & Cherished Tradition
Joyful Celebration & Cherished Tradition
This flocked Utica Fir Vickerman Tree is a true masterpiece, featuring beautiful shades of starry gold, red, and green. The golden ornaments shimmer and reflect the light, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The vibrant red and green accents bring a traditional charm, evoking memories of joyful celebrations and cherished traditions.In the study, Vickerman flocked garlands are hung with care and adorned with beautiful shades of gold, red, fuchsia & green creating a vibrant and captivating display. Meanwhile, the banister in the entryway features the same Vickerman flocked garlands boding a more traditional color-way of whites, silvers & gold (not pictured).
Picture of Classic White Spruce
Classic White Spruce
I loved working with this tree it was beautiful. Thank you Merry Christmas!!
Picture of Cheery & Warm
Cheery & Warm
With a touch of red, blue, green and gold, Lisa has delivered a beautifully decorated Tree with a cheery and uplifting theme. The second design features golden ribbon bows and silver and gold balls to offer a bright and warm tree.
Picture of Embrace Pink Christmas
Embrace Pink Christmas
This is one of 5 trees we decorated this year in our shops,  and I have to tell you the quality of this tree was amazing and so easy to decorate. 
Picture of Cliff House Maine Holiday Decor
Cliff House Maine Holiday Decor
Cliff House Maine Holiday Decor Provide holiday decor for luxury resort in the coastal town of Cape Neddick, Maine. To include 20 wreaths, 15 swags, 15 lanterns, 3 fireplace mantels and 6 Christmas trees to include the 23' lobby tree. To include a workshop teaching resort guests the tips and tricks of decorating trees from the pros, see link below. Cliff House Maine Holiday Season 2023 - This years' design objective for the Cliff House Maine is to build upon the previous season maintaining the design - Simple, Elegant yet Bold. The area adorned with big pinecones strategically placed in the 20' Christmas tree for a natural look. Complimenting with sweeping ribbon, burlap and wrapped with a natural garland. The color theme are deep reds, white, hint of silver, and pewter for warmer gold tones.
Picture of
We run a local nonprofit corporation and our greeting area is in the living room of a 1911 stone bungalow which is also our home. We both love antiques from the 1930s-1950s, so our furnishings are a blend of art deco and mid-century that we have curated throughout the years. We want our guests to feel like everywhere they look is something that reminds them of the holiday season. We went with dark blue, light blue, copper and silver as the dominant colors of the tree and the large hanging ornaments in the corner. The staircase and fireplace mantel were inspired by a set of WIlliam Morris forest prints.
Picture of Black and Gold
Black and Gold
This beauty is from a client asking for a gold tree with touches of black. And Vickerman came through with the beautiful ornaments and ball garland throughout the tree! Vickerman for the win!
Picture of Disney Villain Christmas
Disney Villain Christmas
Step into the lair of a Disney Villain Christmas tree that oozes with a wicked charm that even the most virtuous would find irresistibly alluring. The white tree itself, adorned with sinister elegance, is draped in deep shades of glistening turquoise, sinister purple, and vibrant lime green mimicking a Disney villain's color palette. The tree is set in a cauldron foaming with bubbles on a hot fire. You can't help but be captivated by the enchanting malevolence that permeates the air, making this Disney Villain Christmas tree a truly wicked masterpiece that adds a touch of dark magic to the festive season.
Picture of
Gold tinsel trend on the Sierra Flocked 6.5’ Tree with Matte Black, Chocolate Brown, and Durian Champagne ornaments
Picture of Champagne Elegance @ The Cake Bake Shop
Champagne Elegance @ The Cake Bake Shop
Christmas at The Cake Bake Shop.
Picture of
Picture of Christmas in the City
Christmas in the City
LCM utilizes Vickerman products for all of our holiday tree, garland, and wreath installations across the Chicagoland area for commercial clients. Color preferences are selected by the clients and then our team of designers helps to create these festive experiences to boost holiday spirits around the city!
Picture of Chicagoland Christmas
Chicagoland Christmas
LCM utilizes Vickerman products for all of our holiday tree, garland, and wreath installations across the Chicagoland area for commercial clients. Color preferences are selected by the clients and then our team of designers helps to create these festive experiences to boost holiday spirits around the city!
Picture of Royal Christmas
Royal Christmas
LCM utilizes Vickerman products for all of our holiday tree, garland, and wreath installations across the Chicagoland area for commercial clients. Color preferences are selected by the clients and then our team of designers helps to create these festive experiences to boost holiday spirits around the city!
Picture of Blue Villa for Winfield Farms Manor
Blue Villa for Winfield Farms Manor
Blue Villa for Winfield Farms Manor
Picture of Romantic Holiday
Romantic Holiday
This is a very cozy and romantic spot. Our client wanted to create some thing magical in their outdoor seating area. We used Vickerman for every thing in the photo! They just absolutely love it and are using the photos for all of their marketing material.
Picture of Elegant Sleigh Ride
Elegant Sleigh Ride
I sleighed it
Picture of SeaPearls at the Harbor Village
SeaPearls at the Harbor Village
Lit at dusk, aqua, sky blue & lime green Vickerman Duralit Christmas Trees on Christmas boxes (fabric wrapped with burlap finishing) - Ventura California. Sea Pearls garlands include a double strand of Ornaments strung on garland in custom sea-theme colors, custom made by Vickerman. We also created Visit Santa: Project included a Santa sleigh with Vickerman Color Duralit Trees and giant over-sized ornaments, wrapped gifts and snow.
Picture of A Winter Wonderland
A Winter Wonderland
A Winter Wonderland (private marina home, including boat dock railing decor, ornaments, ball garlands & lights from Vickerman) Winter Wonderland in the forest (with a menagerie of creatures, snow, graphics • including dramatically painted penguins, twinkle lights and lighted roof-top
Picture of
Christmas tree decor
Picture of Christmas at the Vancouver Club
Christmas at the Vancouver Club
New Christmas Tree on display for our set seasonal set up at the Vancouver Club
Picture of Whimsical Christmas Experience
Whimsical Christmas Experience
Baker Design Group is thrilled to share the Whimsical Christmas Experience at The Statler Hotel in Dallas, TX. What we're presenting is more than an event; it's an immersive celebration curated by a team driven by passion and love for the holiday season. Each Christmas season, a parade graces downtown Dallas and The Statler Hotel has reserved a special room, offering guests an unparalleled view of the parade, and immersing them in the sheer magic of the season.Our design palette is all about whimsical and what speaks to the guests. Picture a playful harlequin theme weaving through the room, creating a visually stunning and cohesive experience. Charming nutcrackers, finials, and drums add delightful details that enhance the overall festive ambiance.Topiaries and whimsical accessories contribute to the holiday wonderland atmosphere, striking that perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness. Bold red Christmas trees inject a burst of color, symbolizing the warmth and joy of the season.We set up a delightful hot cocoa bar, inviting guests to indulge in the warmth of a comforting cup of cocoa. And for a touch of nostalgia, we created a dedicated letter to Santa area, encouraging the spirit of giving and receiving.
Picture of Light from Within
Light from Within
White velvet poinsettia picks and flocked ball ornaments adorn this tree, with jeweled and ball ornaments deepening the richness of layers.
Picture of Edgeworth Club Christmas
Edgeworth Club Christmas
We selected a champagne, red, and white palette for a 17' fresh tree at the Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Ball garlands for the win! They were lightweight and minimized on our time spent on very tall ladders! We added a holiday meadow around the base to add ground-level drama and hide the substantial tree stand. Botanical additions include amaryllis, ranunculus, and berries.
Picture of Grand Teton Holiday
Grand Teton Holiday
20' Decorated Grand Teton Outdoor Tree Installation. This tree is installed in the entrance courtyard of a corporate headquarters building in New Jersey. 2023 is the third season that we have used the tree and decor at this location. It has performed problem-free each year. The decor is theme is traditional with red and gold ornaments. Decorations include gold shiny balls, gold candy swirls, gold fern leaves and red Cardinal birds.
Picture of Pillars of Christmas
Pillars of Christmas
Our client wanted their house to stand out as they are set back from the street and also bring some life to the simple elegance of the home.
Picture of
This is a project I have been prepping for months on. Thanks to my fabulous sales rep - Joey Rouse - who helped with all I needed in placing the order - it happened and customer is so happy! This is a beautiful home in Moorestown, NJ. The trees are from Vickerman as well as garlands and most of the balls! I am so looking forward to making Vickerman a staple for me in these big design projects!
Picture of Holidays at Newport Hall
Holidays at Newport Hall
studio821 proudly creates beautiful Holiday sets inside a historic lodge hall located in Newport, Ky. Local photographers, agencies and creatives then share these holiday atmospheres with their clients. Visit to learn more. Happy Holidays!! (All trees and more were purchased from Vickerman's)
Picture of Countdown to Christmas
Countdown to Christmas
Utilized Vickerman’s beautiful 9ft, clear lighted garland with elegant ribbons, birds, ornaments, and my signature pocket watch ornament, countdown to Christmas. I love the realistic look of Vickerman’s garlands, and my clients adore them!
Picture of Tropical Christmas
Tropical Christmas
Merry Christmas, Vickerman crew! I’m excited to show you my tree this year! This tree is very special for a couple of reasons! One, because it’s our first Christmas tree in a new home—a home that we waited for, for SEVEN years! Because the home is in FL, we opted for a ‘tropical’ theme, matching Vickerman’s Christmas tree, floral stems, ribbons, and ornaments to the Phillip Jeffries wall-covering. And two, the Christmas tree base was made by a friend of ours, who lost his daughter in a tragic car accident while he and his wife were enroute to see their daughter last Christmas. Woodworking became a therapeutic distraction for him as he began his healing process, and this Christmas tree crate/stand is a reflection of that. I’ve submitted this entry as a tribute to his daughter Amy, and promised to do his Christmas tree crate justice by pairing it with your beautiful tree and decor. Hope you enjoy my take on a “Tropical Christmas”. ??
Picture of Whimisical Winter Wonderland
Whimisical Winter Wonderland
This client reached out with a request for a "Whimisical Winter Wonderland" theme for their holiday décor this year. Our design team put together fun, unique pieces using the Vickerman catalogue throughout.The attached images show pieces of our downtown office holiday installation: over 250,000 square feet, with hundreds of Vickerman ornaments, sprays, snowflakes, accents, and greenery used.Please note: complete installation is larger than photos shown. Not all Vickerman products in attached .pdf list may be shown in included images.
Picture of Show Stopping Window Display
Show Stopping Window Display
Vickerman’s is always at the top of our list for the finest selection of shatterproof ornaments in the most amazing array of sizes and colors ever! Black-eyed Susan is well known for our #falalalafabulous display windows year round, but we go all out for our holiday windows and Vickerman’s is our go to vendor for the drama! Always planned and purchased in January, we can count on expert offerings and professional help to make the plan. Let’s just say we are great friends by the time we leave the showroom! 2023 finds three sizes of hot pink trees (our signature color!) from 9’- 4’ in height leading the design, surrounded by bright silver shiny shatterproof ornaments suspended in sizes 12"" - 6” with the perfect placement, then packed the floor with dozens of the same! My windows have been known to cause a minor accident during the Holiday season, but we don’t hold Vickerman responsible. It’s definitely an #ohsosusan 2023 Christmas!
Picture of Non-Traditional Christmas
Non-Traditional Christmas
My elegant tree is a non-traditional design. I used pink, midnight green and gold to decorate this tree. It is comprised of 85% of Vickerman products that include sprays, various ornament shapes and sizes and poinsettias. It's the perfect adornment for my dining room.
Picture of Cheers to You!
Cheers to You!
Original design and plans were to build two twin matching 12' trees, wreaths and garland. However, once we started the process, Covid-19 hit the country and we faced business shutdowns, product availability and massive shipping delays.Once we cleared these setbacks, we were able to complete this project of the original design. This is a 100% Vickerman products and materials. We have many more photos if needed.The main designer from our staff Jan L'Roy put the colors, theme and complete package together with the owner's vision for the location and concept they wanted to achieve. The client is Mike Calvert Toyota of Houston, Tx. The owner was so pleased with the final product and design they are looking for new locations to expand the Christmas program.We do want to thank Tommy Rivera and Doug Jacobs for an outstanding job in helping us to finally complete this project.
Picture of Jewel Tone
Jewel Tone
This design features a 12' tree with matching wreaths and garland featuring jewel-tone accoutrements in various sizes, textures, and colors.
Picture of Cheerful Tradition
Cheerful Tradition
This tree features a beautiful but unique red, green and gold pallete with natural ornament elements, colorful sprays, and gorgeous two-tone ribbon bows.
Picture of Winter White
Winter White
All red 14’ tree. Tree purchased at Vickerman as well as some of the ornaments.
Picture of Lush Gold and White
Lush Gold and White
We created a beautiful lush gold and white design for a vintage Barn Restaurant in New Jersey. Breathtaking wreaths and garlands with a grand entry design for an Instagram moment!
Picture of Reporting For Christmas
Reporting For Christmas
Our holiday design for 2024 at the Cherry Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast (the original filming location for the movie Groundhog Day) is inspired by the release of a new film, Reporting For Christmas, available for streaming on Hulu, AppleTV, Vudu and Google Play. The film’s holiday storyline follows reporter, Mary Romero (Tamara Feldman) as she is assigned a piece about a Christmas toy manufacturer, and later finds the heart of the story after falling in love with one of the company’s owners, Blake Johnson (Matt Trudeau). Throughout the film, the company’s signature product is found, ‘Mistletoads’, which was the main inspiration for our design, as a reflection upon our team’s work as one of the interior set designers of the film.Balancing out the rich wood tones throughout the estate, we selected a bold geometric folk patterned embroidered ribbon and ruby red pleated silk ribbon as the focal point for this design, which is echoed within the dark tone of the wooden birdhouses, geometric shape of the silver beaded snowflakes and rhinestone snowflakes (Melrose), and the various shapes of ornaments in a variety of finishes (Vickerman), including our favorite drop ornaments which mimicked the ribbon’s pattern perfectly.Highlighting the olive and juniper hues of the various Mistletoads throughout the film, it was fun to add a splash of lime to brighten the color palette of this eye-catching design. From there, we pulled out hues of red, burgundy and metallics from the individual flourishes within the embroidered ribbon. Full of intricate details, our team balanced out the need for an interesting visual design when viewed up close within the estate’s parlor, while also providing enough large-scale detail, by selecting 4” and 5” ornaments, which can be viewed through the beautiful rotunda of widows from the street.With hundreds of tours provided to guests and tourists a month, we are excited to unveil our design at the most historic home in the county and local area, which has become part of our company’s permanent Folklore Collection of holiday decor which will be used for years to come.
Picture of Red, Gold & Green
Red, Gold & Green
It’s a beautiful flocking day! My client fell in love with the beautiful flocked tree and greenery at the Vickerman showroom in Dallas and had to have them! It’s a very classic look with the red and green.
Picture of Sidelines Tavern
Sidelines Tavern
The location: a casual sports bar where the locals gather to cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. The challenge: take the beloved, kitschy "Pittsburgh sports" theme and elevate it. We used black garlands and antique gold, black, and white ornaments. Flocked and glittered picks were the finishing touches on this fun and festive project!
Picture of Baby Blue Champaign Tree
Baby Blue Champaign Tree
Tree and garland for a client who loves Christmas but would prefer to leave some of the decorating to us. Designer is Rick Wurzel.
Picture of Alcove Balcony
Alcove Balcony
A modern approach on an ornament garland
Picture of Marquette Christmas
Marquette Christmas
Bold North, 4Marq Lobby
Picture of Cashmere Christmas
Cashmere Christmas
This beauty is a 9.5ft cashmere slim with 12”,10”,8”,6” and 4.75” chocolate and lack shatter proof balls.
Picture of Holiday Wreath
Holiday Wreath
12" Ornament Wreath
Picture of Tasha Claxton Home Interior
Tasha Claxton Home Interior
Our design was bold yet simple and elegant that also incorporated symmetry!
Picture of Springfield Clinic Pediatric Center
Springfield Clinic Pediatric Center
With Bright Colors and whimsical ornaments this tree was designed to bring joy this season. Designed by Trendsetters Design, Inc for the Springfield Clinic Pediatric Center.
Picture of Carmel Christmas
Carmel Christmas
The Cake Bake Shop's entry for the Christmas design contest is a beautiful blend of flocked trees featuring rose gold ornaments and pinecones - every detail comes together to create a cohesive and festive atmosphere in and around the restaurant.
Picture of Faulkner Design
Faulkner Design
Complete with beautiful powder blue and marigold velvet ribbon, this stunning Christmas design by Baker Design Group transports us to a home straight out of Southern Living Magazine. Showcasing a 9 ft. x 60” Warm LED Vickerman Flocked York Christmas Tree, we decorated with a variety of Vickerman ornaments, gold glitter Eucalyptus sprays, florals, sparkle sprays, and greenery to complete the gorgeous design throughout our client’s home. On the entryway staircase, our designers used the 9 ft. x 14” Bangor Mix Garland to create swoops of classic garlands for even more of a Christmas statement.
Picture of Stairway to Wonderland
Stairway to Wonderland
Midtown Creative's Christmas design featuring Vickerman's 15ft and 9ft flocked Kiana Trees is the epitome of luxury. From the stunning array of flowers and sprays to the beautifully crafted finials and ornaments, every detail adds to the festive ambiance in the client's home
Picture of The McKenzie
The McKenzie
Another beautiful commercial space was designed by Baker Design Group. The interiors of this spectacular high-rise condo is one of the most magnificent buildings in Dallas and our design team brought their space to life with custom Christmas designs for their residents to enjoy. Our team featured 10 ft. x 63” Warm LED Vickerman White Gold Tinsel Christmas Trees with custom ornamentation, sparkle sprays, florals, and ribbon. What’s not to love about a White Gold Tinsel Christmas tree?!
Picture of Ventana
A luxury Senior Living Community in Dallas in need of some Christmas cheer for their residents! With five floors to decorate, the Baker Design Group team was put to the challenge to create a different design theme throughout the entire building. We used 12 different Vickerman Christmas Trees, ranging from 7.5 ft-12 ft. We use the Carolina Pencil Spruce, the Frosted Tannenbaum, the Jersey Fraser Dura-Lit, and the Brighton Pine. Each tree was fully decorated with custom ornamentation, sparkle sprays, florals, ribbon, and a tree skirt.
Picture of Wiegand
A big open space with endless rooms to decorate, Baker Design Group was put to the task to bring a winter wonderland design theme to our sweet client’s home to surprise her family. With the focus on the 14 ft. x 90” Warm LED Vickerman Flocked Sierra Christmas Tree, our designers set out to fill the showstopping tree with beautiful Vickerman white, rose gold, café latte ornaments, sparkle sprays, florals, white glitter Eucalyptus sprays, and a fluffy white tree skirt
Picture of Million Air Dallas
Million Air Dallas
A busy commercial space in need of some Christmas cheer for their discriminating clientele! Million Air Dallas is an upscale fixed base operation providing aviation services to Dallas elite members. The designers at Baker Design Group showcased a 9 ft. x 57” Warm LED Vickerman Brighton Pine Christmas Tree complete with custom ornamentation, sparkle sprays, florals, ribbon, and a tree skirt. A beautiful burgundy and gold theme was the showstopper of the season with Vickerman hydrangeas and glitter poinsettia sprays. Up the staircase and to the private lounge area, guests were able to enjoy the 9 ft. x 14” Bangor Mix Garland with beautiful finial and ball ornamentation. In the building next door, an emerald green and gold color theme was enjoyed by guests as well, featuring a 9 ft. x 60” Warm LED Vickerman Flocked York Christmas Tree and custom arrangements
Picture of Dydalewicz
The most whimsical Christmas design for an even more beautiful home! Our client asked for an over-the-top Christmas install, and Baker Design Group delivered. Our designers showcased a 9 ft. x 64” Warm LED Vickerman Jersey Fraser Dura Lit Christmas Tree complete with custom ornamentation, sparkle sprays, florals, ribbon, and a tree skirt. Throughout the home, our designers used the same elements from the trees to mimic the fireplace mantle garlands, which featured the 9 ft. x 14” Bangor Mix Garland to create the coziest home for Christmas morning.
Picture of Timeless Traditions
Timeless Traditions
Timeless Traditions is a nod to the past, with a sensibility for today's lifestyles. The collection features lavish shapes, layered textures, and play on traditional Christmas. An array of velvet tones complements rich Mercury finishes, embroidered details, metallics and flocked finishes to bring these unique pieces to life. Timeless Traditions is adorned with complementary designs that add a sense of romance to any space.
Picture of New Classics
New Classics
The classic Christmas spirit made new. Open the door to an enchanted world of soft, luxurious materials imbued with a touch of glamour and timeless style. Inspired by classic trends, our newest collection offers updated color palettes and sophisticated finishes. Sleigh bells and carolers give way to velvet, pine, glitter, wood grain and lacquer. These delightful pieces recreate the traditions of old with a fresh perspective that makes them perfect for today's home.
Picture of Woodland Retreat
Woodland Retreat
The Woodland Retreat is a cozy and charming holiday décor concept that is perfect for the home or cabin. Natural textures of reindeer moss, birch bark, antlers, flocked fir and pine cones can be found throughout this collection. Flocked and glitter accents add sophistication to the natural elements making it feel as though you are in a luxurious mountain chalet. Soft textures, muted tones and natural elements will create a snowy retreat in your home and will have guests coming back year after year!
Picture of Naturally Christmas
Naturally Christmas
Vickerman Natural Botanicals provides an organic approach to design. Natural, dried and preserved products are offered in various foliage, flowerings, woods, and pods.
Picture of Vibrant Tablescape
Vibrant Tablescape
This vibrant spread of Natural Botanicals keeps class and elegance while bringing contrast to a bright wedding. The textures of these natural floral items are a beautiful addition to any tablescape.
Picture of Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Using Vickerman's Flocked Kiana tree with a mix of sprays and pale pink and mercury ornaments helps give an elegant Christmas look to an already posh place.
Picture of A New Beginning in Red
A New Beginning in Red
Red poinsettias combining them with spheres in light white, champagne, and silver tones to create the perfect combination between traditional and modern.
Picture of Christmas on France
Christmas on France
An annual Christmas Tree inspired by Frozen with large snowflakes in champagne and white on a real tree in the heart of the city.
Picture of Whimsey Christmas
Whimsey Christmas
Various ornaments, ribbon and picks by Vickerman creating a whimsey Christmas tree for a contemporary building lobby and lounges.
Picture of Reindeer Glitz
Reindeer Glitz
Silver reindeer shine within a popping palette of reds, pewter, and silver glitz
Picture of Christmas at Dusk
Christmas at Dusk
Traditional Christmas simply stated with red and green outdoor ornaments for the shopping center's 'green space' meant for children and families to run around and enjoy.
Picture of Christmas at the Omni
Christmas at the Omni
Showcased on this stunning Oregon Fur tree was unique ornamentation, sparkle succulents, and frosted elements to coordinate with the hotel’s existing color palette. Through the lobby, guests are greeted by three floor-to-ceiling windows and suspending, oversized ornaments and garland to create a hanging garden idea. The Landing introduced you to two 9-foot Blue Spruce trees with natural elements with hints of flocked sprays and metallic ornamentation. And upstairs each of the ballrooms featured two Flocked Alaskan Pine trees. Baker Design Group created a cohesive Christmas design to enhance the season for Omni guests and their employees.
Picture of Halloween Hearth
Halloween Hearth
This arrangment gives the perfect fall and Halloween look into one. By pairing it with black elements can create a spooky fireplace hearth to be the center of the Halloween spirit.
Picture of Immortal Floral
Immortal Floral
Bring Halloween to the dinner table with these vampire like florals. Pairing Natural Botanicals with Vickerman's Everyday florals you can create a classy Halloween look for a spooky season.
Picture of Desert Decor
Desert Decor
Bring the desert in with Vickerman's Cactus Collection. Placing the three cacti next to each other creates a height variance that is appealing on the eyes. Also combining Vickerman's chili pepper lights adds a nice pop of red along with a little bit of fun.
Picture of Mother's Day Bouquet
Mother's Day Bouquet
Show mom some love with this spring mix. White Lupines add elegant height, while blooming peonies keep things fresh. Our frosted glass vase adds clean and modern lines to tie this look together.
Picture of Poppin' with Poppies
Poppin' with Poppies
Big and bold florals make a statement of southern charm. This arrangment highlights our full magnolia bloom and vibrant poppy stems. The asymmetrical design gives a modern look to classic florals.
Picture of Planted Roots
Planted Roots
This planted creation is a beautiful piece of modern art that can bring life to any wall. Using Vickerman's succulent collection that has many different shapes, sizes and colors gives variation to the design that could be endless. Adding small pops of the color purple with floral elements helps break up the green and brings the eye around the whole design.
Picture of Green Peppermint
Green Peppermint
This bright display features a combination of green and red candies on a white slim tree!
Picture of Berries & Plaid
Berries & Plaid
This display features a mixture of rustic elements, textures, berries, and plaid on a green tree!
Picture of Orange Peacock
Orange Peacock
This design features a combination of copper, midnight blue, and olive ornaments to create a harmonious earth tone mix.
Picture of Mixed Metals
Mixed Metals
This design features metallic tones and glitter on a gold tree. The combination of rose gold, pewter, black and gold ornaments create an opulent display.
Picture of Snow & Bubbles
Snow & Bubbles
This design features ice cold accents with light and flowy bubbles on a flocked long needle tree!
Picture of Candy Wonderland
Candy Wonderland
Candy, color, and gingerbread men layer this tree to carry the look of the colorful design around the Children's Hospital into the tree. This design brings joy and happiness combining various sizes of our N59 Ornaments with the Candy Collection to add a child like fun to Christmas.
Picture of Spiced Up Holiday
Spiced Up Holiday
Rich jewel tones combined with spiced shades of ornaments add a warm glow to this tree.
Picture of Chateau Du Lac
Chateau Du Lac
With an impeccable eye for design, this client’s stunning 10,000 square foot new build was complete just in time for the holidays except for one important detail; she needed Christmas décor to match. Although matching was definitely not the name of the game! With an eclectic personal style combining elements of modern, transitional, Mediterranean, and glam there was never a dull moment planning this Christmas project. By relegating competing styles to specific areas of the home, we were able to provide to a cohesive theme despite the numerous palettes being engaged. This plan can be seen in both the interior and exterior design. For the exterior, we executed a plan that included updated traditional with reds and natural elements, flowing to a soft, festive iced berry and cedar design and finishing with a modern frosted succulent palette. Inside, no room was left untouched. Our client’s dream of Christmas in every area was fulfilled without overdoing it. Each family member had their own tree complete with personalized décor from modern glam to childhood whimsy. Large living spaces were made cozier with rich metallic and opulent blue designs on everything from trees to garland and several well-placed arrangements. Three additional individualized palettes awaited loved ones in the deluxe two-story guest house and detached “game house” culminating in an overall space which would delight any hostess.
Picture of Omni Frisco
Omni Frisco
The high-end design of Omni’s luxury brand comes together with the innovative creativity of the Dallas Cowboys franchise to create a visually stunning space at the new Omni Star Hotel. This dynamic partnership set the backdrop for one of our most prestigious Christmas designs ever. With 16 stories, 300 rooms and over 35,000 square feet of meeting space, we had our work cut out for us creating custom pieces to parallel the scale of the space. To do so, we featured 2 fully custom, 18-foot, champagne trees in the upstairs corridor overlooking the 50-yard turf field in the heart of The Star’s compound. Showcased on these immense trees was unique ornamentation and brand specific color palettes. As the lobby, corridors and rooms are filled with tasteful takes on football imagery, the task for us was to underscore both the elegance of the Omni brand and the sports theme of the Dallas Cowboys without being too obvious. Downstairs, we chose a stunning 14-foot flocked tree in a customized color palette of turquois and gold to match the artwork and ambiance of the reception area. Complementing the tree were two sets of large-scale, lit branch, topiaries in mixed metal finishes which flanked the reception and concierge desks. Suspended crystal drop pendants in the Charlotte Jones Store, ornate wreaths and drops for the Neighborhood Services Restaurant and lush garlands adorning the fireplace in the family room created a cohesive Christmas design to enhance the season for guests and employees.
Picture of 1920's Christmas
1920's Christmas
The Historic Grove Arcade Building (built in 1927) in downtown Asheville is designed and decorated every holiday season, using 99% Vickerman product. Mgmt. requested designs that would be compatible and reflective of a building constructed in the 1920's, and Vickerman had the largest selection of compatible product!
Picture of Skyline River Front
Skyline River Front
This fairly new Class A building in Chicago requested something original that was non denominational that complimented their building. This is a prominent building on the skyline and the river front.
Picture of Glitz and Glam
Glitz and Glam
Seen within a residental home. Pairing gold sparys with the gold accent of the fireplace screen helps make this design cohesive. The fushia and lime add a pop of color that gives the glitz and glam to the Vickerman cashmere garland and wreath with sparkling warm white lights.
Picture of Splendid Life in Champagne
Splendid Life in Champagne
The design represents gratitude and well being throughout the year, and with the champagne color the design offers a splendor of new beginning.
Picture of Icy Blue Winter
Icy Blue Winter
This icy winter wonderland design embodies many baby blue elements which helps with bringing the snowy scenic outdoors in. The grand Flocked Kiana Christmas tree anchor the overall design while keeping within the color scheme.
Picture of The Red Party
The Red Party
Sticking with the classic color of Christmas "red" gives this design a bold and elegant look. By accompanying the arrangments with the natural stone and wood elements of the home gives off the warmth that the holidays bring during the cold season.
Picture of Main Street Christmas
Main Street Christmas
Bringing life to these trolleys for the holiday season with a red Vickerman wreath accompanied by colorful candy like ornaments with glitter packed ribbons and sprays for Rudolph's red nose. This design is creative and beautiful.
Picture of Classic Elegance
Classic Elegance
This elegant design caters a very classic look with gold and red accents upon the grand exterior of the Summit Noble Fir Christmas tree. The size makes a bold statement with the glitz and glimmer of a classic Christmas.
Picture of Let It Snow
Let It Snow
This design really brought the winter experience in with the use of the Flocked Aspen which snowy look is garnished with deep red floral and ornament accents.The adding of warm white lights helps give the look of a magical winter wonderland.
Picture of Golden Christmas
Golden Christmas
The design compliments the classic architectural details found throughout the house. A variety of gold tones adds depth and the large metallic papyrus stems are an unexpected texture.
Picture of Classic Christmas
Classic Christmas
This is a classic holiday decoration with a twist. The mixed red and gold ornaments are festive and elegant. The theme is warm and happy and looks great against the dark wood and metal in the spaces.
Picture of Modern Seaside
Modern Seaside
The design is inspired by the colors and textures found at the coast. The light and organic coral textures compliment the sea foam and sea blue diamond bauble ornaments. All of these elements are brought together on frosted garlands and wreaths found both inside and outside the restaurant.
Picture of Mixed Metal Holiday
Mixed Metal Holiday
This design takes cues from the rich wood and metal elements found throughout the space. Bright white lights on pine garlands are accented by a variety of mixed metal ornaments including champagne, wrought iron, gold, copper and olive. The matte olive ornaments add a deep bronze hue to give the composition more dimension.
Picture of Winter Woodland
Winter Woodland
Inspired by a walk through a winter woodland, this flocked tree is decorated with wood and rope orbs, birc-patterned ribbon, paper trees and other accents in soft wood tones with touches of copper for warmth.
Picture of Dripping in Gold
Dripping in Gold
This stunning tree is dripping in gold and accented with bright blue. This makes the tree in the lobby of a hotel feel more magical and lavish.
Picture of Rose Gold and Champagne Dream
Rose Gold and Champagne Dream
Share a toast with this champagne laden display. An arch dripping in oversize rose gold and champagne ornaments is dripping in sparkle. The arch matches a fabulous platinum colored tree and garlands that deck the halls of a premiere bridal salon. The window displays were also filled with plenty of sparkle and shine.
Picture of Fall With Flair
Fall With Flair
Our Vickerman in house designer was able to create a fall focal point by using holiday glitter sprays with everyday grasses on a bright hard needle wreath. This unique piece is bound to draw attention.
Picture of Holiday Metal Mix
Holiday Metal Mix
This lucious green tree is covered in a metal mix color pallete that includes pewter, copper, cafe latte, and white. The mixture of dark and light colors creates a contrast that catches anyone's attention. This tree is covered with glitter sprays that makes the tree stand out from others.
Picture of Christmas Ice
Christmas Ice
This cool color palette includes grays and baby blues on a Colorado Blue Spruce tree. This tree would tie in nicely with modern decor. This look includes a variety of shapes and sizes of ornaments. This tree features a ribbon crown and glitter sprays sprouting from the top.
Picture of Xmas Road
Xmas Road
This classic color palette is given a fresh look on a lightly flocked tree. Reds, greens, and golds mix together for the perfect holiday feel. The top of the tree is crowned with a rich bow that ties the look together.
Picture of Red Disco Fever
Red Disco Fever
This wall tree is decorated with a variety of red round ornaments and gold finials. This design saves space and blends with a simple modern style. The gold finials add a touch of elegance and color.
Picture of Upside Down Rose Gold
Upside Down Rose Gold
This tree features a wonderful design that is perfect for a window display. The top of the tree is overflowing with large rose gold ornaments. Rose gold finials are suspended from the upside down tree giving the surrounding area great depth. This design is perfect for hanging over a table for a dramatic display.
Picture of Farmhouse Xmas
Farmhouse Xmas
This rustic and cozy design is perfect for a farmhouse holiday. Rustic ornaments mixed with lightly flocked greenery creates the perfect atmosphere. Incorporating white magnolia flowers creates a sense of elegance.
Picture of Red N White Entry
Red N White Entry
Entry is composed of two 9' Cashmere garlands and features white and red Vickerman poinsettias,
Picture of Golden Garland
Golden Garland
The golden color was chosen for this design because it represents abundance, wisdom, and revitalizes the mind. Attracting energy and inspiration, poinsettias are the characteristic symbol of Christmas.
Picture of Frozen in Sophistication
Frozen in Sophistication
Bubbly champagne tones adorned with wintery white highlights and sharp pewter accents.
Picture of Classic Holiday Red
Classic Holiday Red
Classic holiday red and gold shine bright at Benjamin Steak House in New York City. Visual interest is heightened by mixing ornaments of varying textures and tones. The use of wine color ornaments provides additional depth and picks up the beautiful red diamond jacquard ribbon used throughout the space.
Picture of Winter Berry
Winter Berry
The elegant use of red berries and frosted pines immerse you in a winter wounderland.
Picture of Cozy Christmas Home
Cozy Christmas Home
Get inspired with this decked out home! The simple color palette plays on the modern style and feel of the home. Red and silver ornaments skillfully laid over frosted garlands and wreaths compliment the gray tones of the walls and furnishings. The white flocked trees capture the attention of the room with the contrast of warm lights with a cool color palette of ribbon and assorted ornaments laying over the snow. Touches of gold ornaments speak to current trends and minute finishes throughout the space.
Picture of Watson's of Fredericksburg Arch
Watson's of Fredericksburg Arch
The Watson's of Fredericksburg arch is decorated with various red ornaments, ribbon, and silver accents.
Picture of Winter Wonderland Frost Pewter
Winter Wonderland Frost Pewter
This design was a first year installation into a new location which spanned 8 floors with Christmas love throughout. It consists of different sized trees, wreaths, and garlands with pewter, gold, and silver decor accents. This look can be paired with Winter Wonderland Frost Silver.
Picture of RealPage Inc. Blue
RealPage Inc. Blue
Baker Design Group, a leading DFW Christmas Design Company specializing in exclusive and customized holiday decor, had a great creative opportunity to design for a new space that was recently located in the hub of Dallas marketplace. The lead designers in this project were Linda Baker and Heather Mattox. The RealPage, Inc. building is designed with clean lines, pops of turquoise and orange's to accentuate many key areas. The overall color palette consists of turquoises, silvers, platinums, and whites. The stair step area with Vickerman's white trees welcomes you the second you walk in the building, which also accentuates the design that is curved around the reception desk. As you look up, you see three additional floors completely outlined by decorated garlands. Around the bend is a 15 foot Vickerman flocked tree fully decorated with a sophisticated palette. In the center of the building, each landing is designed with a forest of richly flocked Vickerman trees with pops of color. Different sized trees distinguish the overall look giving it great depth as you look up to the top of the building.
Picture of Winter Wonderland Frost Silver
Winter Wonderland Frost Silver
This design was a first year installation into a new location which spanned 8 floors with Christmas love throughout. It consists of different sized trees, wreaths, and garlands with pewter, gold, and silver decor accents. This look can be paired with Winter Wonderland Frost Pewter.
Picture of Clifton Dining Room
Clifton Dining Room
The Clifton Dining Room look incorporates dark tones to match the masculine and antique craftsmanship of the room. The Clifton mansion was remodled and rebuilt from the foundation up to get it just right. It is a testament to stopping at nothing to acheive one's vision, which mirrors Vickerman's commitment to creating the largest selection of holiday decor.
Picture of Clifton Stairway
Clifton Stairway
The Clifton Stairway adds a pop of color with blue tones blended with a deep brown.
Picture of Van Dusen Pink
Van Dusen Pink
The Van Dusen Pink look incorporates muted pinks and greens for a interesting twist on holiday decor.
Picture of Clifton Parlor
Clifton Parlor
The Clifton parlor look includes pastel colors that tie into a vintage look. The Flocked Utica tree adorned by champagne and celadon ornaments accented by the intricate details of the Clifton parlor, from the elegant trim to the understated curtains.
Picture of Mid-century Modern
Mid-century Modern
Vickerman's feather tree offers a simple clean look that works well with the Mid-20th century modern design.
Picture of Van Dusen Blue
Van Dusen Blue
The Van Dusen Blue look exudes a traditional and timeless feel. Vickerman's extensive variety of product is able to create a unique mantel piece display with a flocked swag and 16 inch wide flocked garland decorated using pewter and champagne finishing touches.
Picture of Clifton Mansion Library
Clifton Mansion Library
The Clifton Mansion Library look has a rich and masculine feel to it. The Cashmere series is a mixture of three tip styles blended to create a unique theme that compliments the dark wood library of the 300 Clifton Mansion.
Picture of Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever
The Cabin Fever look embodies a cozy and rustic charm. Everything from the Wisconsin harvested birch poles to the authentic burlap is calming and simplistic, but combined you get an elegance that is breathtaking. Being a Minnesota based company we have a soft spot in our hearts for the rustic cabin feel which can be seen in many of our products. The combination of the Noble Instant Shape tree with a long need Mixed Mountain Pine Spray blends perfectly with the birch ornaments and the rich burgundy color palette, giving you a feeling of warmth and comfort like being wrapped in a giant lumberjack flannel shirt.
Picture of The Big Christmas Trends
The Big Christmas Trends
Tis the season to save big! Get ready to jingle all the way because our Big Christmas Decor Trends are here, and they're going, going till they're gone! From festive wreaths to sparkling lights, we've got everything you need to make your home merry and bright. And the best part? You can get them all at 30% off! So why wait? Don't be a Grinch, take advantage of this amazing offer before it sleighs away!