Video Transcription Tree Setup


This is Randy from Vickerman Company I am here to help guide you through setting up a Christmas tree. Using a few easy tips will help ensure your tree looks good this holiday season We will start by opening the box and removing the contents When unboxing, be careful when using a box cutter or other sharp objects So you don't damage the product Be sure to save the box. It will be used to store your tree. I have adjusted the box cutter depth to cut the tape and the plastic. Start by removing the contents of the box We will remove the Christmas tree stand and each of the sections of the tree. Many of our trees come with an extra set of lights. This is an emergency set of lights in case something is not working. Use this to illuminate the section that isn't working. Call Vickerman immediately, and we will take care of the actual problem. The first step is to review the contents of the box. We have the stand and sections A, B, and C all labeled. I recommend that we plug all sections into an outlet to verify all lights are working. Vickerman uses a hinged metal stand which is all one piece and will swivel open. When it swivels to the open position you will see a hole that will come into alignment and you will see through it. This is where the thumbscrew will go. Turn the thumbscrew through so it just just gets through both pieces of metal and stop there for now. Now we will take the bottom section, which is the last letter in the alphabet. In this case it is section "C" Take off the caps that come on the poles. Section "C" in this case is the pointed one. The pointed one is always the one that goes into the stand. We're going to put section "C" into the stand and tighten the thumb screw. Next, I recommend plugging in the tree section into a power source and turn on the lights. Vickerman trees that are at least 6.5' tall have a step-on switch that you can use to turn lights on and off. Next we will start to shape the tree. First, bring all the branches down on the bottom row. And then we will start to shape the tips. A great looking tree starts with great shaping and that is done branch by branch and tip by tip. First, I will show you what a branch is. Each on of these things coming down is a branch. Each branch has many tips on it. All these tips serve a function. Some look amazing on the outside and in the back, they are made to fill in so you can't see through the tree. So you always start with these tips in the back. There are usually 3 of them. And you put one up to cover the pole and one on each side and others fill in. When you are shaping tips further out, shape to cover spaces that were missed further in and you keep going outward. When you get to the end, you will notice there are smaller branches that come off the sides. The will pull off to the sides and shape the ends. A properly shaped 7.5' tree takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to shape. When you get done shaping it will look amazing. One you are done with the first branch, move to the next branch. Once the row is completed, drop down the next row. One your done shaping all the branches on all the rows, the section should look like this. Now we are ready to place section "B" on top of section "C". Quick tip when putting section "B" into section "C". Rub a bar of soap onto the pole so that it removes easier when taking it down. Let's put section "B" into section "C" Slide it right in. Here you have another cord coming out of the bottom. This cord is labeled "2" and will plug into the spot that has a "2" on it. Take down the first row and start shaping the tree again. Now that section "B" is shaped the tree will look like this. The only section to put on now is section "A". "A" will fit into the insert on section "B". String cord labeled "1" down into the tree and plug into outlet labeled "1. Pull down the branches and shape this section. Now that you have your tree up, you can see it looks beautiful as is. What we can do now, is step back and look for any areas that can use extra adjusting like holes, or uneven lighting. And give it a little adjustment. Here for example, we have a hole. Just make a little change, by pulling it down. Step back and take another look. Once you have done that a few times you will see the tree is beautiful and ready for Christmas. Thank you for taking time to watch the video on how to setup your Christmas tree. For more information, please visit