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Picture of Topiaries & Hedges
Topiaries & Hedges
Vickerman offers an array of topiaries and hedges in boxwood, cypress, and cedar foliage with options for pre-lit or unlit.
Picture of Fourth of July Supply
Fourth of July Supply
Add a pop of color with red, white, and blue with a variety of Vickerman product to your Fourth of July decor.
Picture of Lights For Fall Nights
Lights For Fall Nights
Light the night with Vickerman's many lighting options. By getting lights in either warm white or clear you can set up early for the holidays while still enjoing those fall nights. Adding lights you can make any look come alive for any season.
Picture of Classic 4th of July
Classic 4th of July
Set up your 4th of July with this classic and simple arrangment. The wood boxes add a rustic touch with big bold florals in the typical red, white, and blue.
Picture of Summer Set-Up
Summer Set-Up
Get the summer set-up with Vickerman's UV and Everyday collection. Boxwoods and palms add the perfect color and height to any outdoor design. It's a low maintains summer oasis.
Picture of Desert Decor
Desert Decor
Bring the desert in with Vickerman's Cactus Collection. Placing the three cacti next to each other creates a height variance that is appealing on the eyes. Also combining Vickerman's chili pepper lights adds a nice pop of red along with a little bit of fun.