Light Tester

Model SF102 Light Tester Instructions

This Light Tester is designed to work with mini light sets only.

The light tester will only work with one string of lights at a time. When working with trees you must remove any tape and disconnect the clusters of plugs, in order to isolate the individual sets.

  1. Plug the light tester into a standard 110-volt outlet and flip up the on/off power switch.
  2. Plug the light set into the outlet located on the front of tester.
  3. Push in and release the large red button. One of 4 things should happen:
    1. Lights shuld kick back on. Then find and replace burnt out bulbs.
    2. A "buzz" is heard in light string. This indicates a missing or broken bulb. Press big button as needed to track down buzz sound. Replace bad bulb, lights should come on.
    3. The box itself buzzes. This indicates multiple problems on string, see probe instructions below.
    4. One half of the string is lit. Pull one of the lit bulbs out of socket, press and release big button. This should kick on bad half of string.
  4. Probe Instructions: If the box buzzes you have multiple issues on this string. The probe will tell you if you have power to a particular socket. Plug probe into front of tester, remove first bulb on string. Place probe into socket making contact with one side of socket at a time, if there is power to that socket a light will shine from behind plug on front of box. Continue to probe string every 5th bulb or so. You should be able to isolate the problem this way. Be sure to check the bulbs you pull out to be sure they have two good wires.