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Over the past 30 years, Tim and Kristin Mease have successfully built their company, Natural Botanicals, with a firm belief that the floral market was ready to embrace all-natural, unique, and unusual Botanicals. The second part of their mission was to focus only on preservation methods. Tim traveled often to places like the Amazon region of South America, the Western Cape of South Africa, and many areas of Brazil. Safe dye and preservation formulas were developed and refined. These efforts would result in the highest quality in the industry. Formulating various natural green dye tones for foliage as well as home décor color ranges for its floral items has contributed not only to the success of Natural Botanicals, but ultimately its customers.

Today, the product line includes more than 400 unique items, including flowering plants, pods, ferns, grasses, foliage, reeds, branches and moss – with new offerings always in various stages of development.

The Natural Botanical product line serves commercial decorators and designers, florists, manufacturers, garden centers - virtually any company seeking distinctive, quality floral products. These unique products make up some of the amazing displays you see in commercial settings such as event centers, resorts, and high-end lobbies.  The products are also used to enhance the rest of Vickerman’s everyday line, including a wide variety of artificial floral stems, boxwood topiaries and mats.

Photograph of Tim and Kristin Mease

Kristin & Tim Mease